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Promo :)

Contest AKA Promo
I've decided to open or have a contest to get more members so I can fill offers quickly.
Contest will run now until Feb 11

-Everyone who gets 1 person to add me  will get  a coupon for 2 pre-made icons from my customs.
-Everyone who gets more then 3 people will get  to enter a special vip raffle which I will have  and you will get a month that you can request any offer from me, even if its closed.
-I will also have an exclusive offer for everyone who gets at least one person to add my community

Make sure to direct them to this post as they must leave who sent them here to be counted.

Please comment in this post who sent you.

Current Member tally
→ member name #()
→ member name3()

please put the username who sent you.
i.e lovelydiva8 sent me

Code for passing community

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