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Sugar Raindrops
Hiatus till sep 
25th-Jun-2011 05:14 pm
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This community is on HIATUS until Sep 2011. 
Please check back. 
Feel free to send requests but I will not be authorizing anyone till SEP. 

Have a good summer.
You can still catch my designs @ smirky & epicobsession
Sorry for any inconvience but due to summertime being here and no one really being on I decided to take a break till SEP.

If you are a current member here you can decide what to do. I do hope you stick around however your free to leave if you wish.
I hope to see you all here in SEP.
I will update from time to time here.
& I will be posting a be my example post soon

BTW I possibly towards the beginning of sep might be looking for makers. Will keep you all posted on that.
I will be working also a new look for the community.
26th-Jun-2011 07:24 am (UTC)
I be here when you open back up :)
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