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Sugar Raindrops
Summer Update & Plans 
29th-May-2011 08:05 pm
Britney Song
Hello All
I wanna give an update on my summer plans.
Some of you know others don't I will be away in august for a dream trip to Tahiti.
Looks like I am celebrating my birthday twice so special I am. Originally we were planning just to go to Tahiti celebrate it early it was my present. However a little while later my dad asked if he could join us and it was too late to do so. My Mom looked into trips and found a great deal on a trip and when she got back she went to book it was even cheaper. Good for us cause I guess with the drop of U.S dollars we got it even cheaper. Double yes for us.

So my dad will be joining us hopefully for the trip in my actual birth month OCT which is also his birthday month as well. So we will celebrate his birthday and my birthday.On my actual birthday will be in SANTORINI Greece can't wait. any who.

So here is my schedule [once I get the exact dates for aug will let your know will update this post]
June- Will try to get at least an offer a week.
July- same if able too and if more.
Aug- I'll be on hiatus for this month. I might post an offer but I'd like the week prior to me leaving to be wrapping up offers. I might 3 days prior to leave not put up any new offers and fill the rest of em
September- will be back in action trying to get offers coming your way.
October- I'll be designing till about the 8th. Then taking a hiatus again till oct 21st I believe. So will post an offer around 22 or 23 again.
November- Should be normal from here on again.

any questions feel free to pm. I possible will look into getting either Nikiah or Jenny to be the semi moderator for this while away.
BTW this is public for now & during the actual month I will post a hiatus message. Just so new people that find this know I won't get to any request pending requests till sep
30th-May-2011 08:34 am (UTC)
That is so awesome, wish i could do something like that in august :) thats when my birthday is, i hope you have so much fun!
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