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Contest Time!!!

Contest TIME!!! 

Contest. [ From now till April 20]

I'm in need of a new look for my lj & my brain can't seem to work on getting a new look for myself so the contest is…Design me a banner & background. Do not worry if you can not code. I will take existing layout I have now and replace the background and banner with your images. If you know how to do the coding or tweaking of code feel free to do it but if not no worries.

I will credit you in my layout in the credit section of my personal.

Please read everything carefully, any questions feel free to ask
Username is lovelydiva8 & intials NCA if you need.

Here are some ideas just to help you if your stuck what to do. YOU DON'T HAVE to do one of these. Just helping with ideas.

people/topics/ ideas
- Amanda Seyfried
- James Franco
- Cristiano Ronaldo
- Anastasia[the animation movie. If you could include the little dog in it too if you do this one much appreciated]
- Girly /femine stuff

How to enter & what to send?
- Create a banner and background.
- Send it to me via a personal message
- Title your message "Banner contest".
- No more the 2 entries per person. [don't cheat either. I know various people have multiple accounts]
- Layout if you code it [do not worry this is only those that know how to code or tweak.]
- Please provide some of the hex colors you used as well

Prizes, picking a winner & further rules.
- I'm going to give everyone a chance to vote on the look they like best. I will keep track of who submitted and their entries. I will write down everything and keep track but for the poll purposes it will be anonymous so only those that created will know its theirs.
- I will keep the original files intact for my layout however for the purpose of this I will duplicate the submissions and save em as entry 1, 2 so on and so forth
- Their will be 3 winners. The top winner will get a coupon that never expires to my customs for 15-30 graphics I have not chosen the exact amount yet.
- 2 & 3 place winners will also get a coupon for lower amount depending on if they got 2 or 3rd
- If you enter you are allowed to send others here to vote however you can not tell em which one is yours.
- OH ONE poll will be added to Sugar Raindrops only it will be public and anyone can vote.
- an important note, anyone the submits 2 versions[completely different I mean animated or non do not count too 2 versions] if two of your entries get picked or voted I will take the higher one and pick the fourth highest as third or 2nd etc. Basically you can enter more then one but you will not get double the prize.

Hmm think this sums it up.
Any further questions feel free to ask.
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