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Taking Applicants

To be a maker/ designer.

I would like to make this community a little more active. So I am taking 2-3 designers/ makers.
My only requirement is you must be active.

Completely understandable with life situations so its not like you must post. However ideally if you can put at least 1 offer a week that would be great!! If you can only do one a month then please do not apply.

I know were busy and have lives so if something happens that you have to take sometime off thats fine. 

If you are interested please leave info to this post.

If you know someone that is looking to make somewhere feel free to share this post or direct them to this community. Thank you.

Chances of becoming a maker here will depend on how many apply and the speed of applying.

I hope to choose at least 1 new maker by the end of the month at the latest[MARCH]

Form [copy and paste]

Thank you for applying I hope to get back to you as soon as it is possible :D
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